Short Story because of boredom

They woke up hearing the sound of decompression accompanied by light that began to fill the chamber. These were the first signs of hope that they might survive the long night.

Felix was the first to regain some motor functions. The cold chambers weren’t kind to their bodies. He stretched his legs and began the struggle of bringing his body temperature back up to normal levels. As he moved around he examined his unorthodox companions. Horatio and Octavia were having troubles of their own. He noticed one of Octavia’s legs was encased in ice, a product of the cold chambers process. Though it didn’t take long to free herself the damage was already done. He pitied her for a moment before continuing his exploration.

With time they began to move better, but progress was slow going. Things were starting to look up again.

It wasn’t long after they woke up when they light finally filled the room enough for them to see their surroundings, and each other, clearer. That was when they noticed something wrong.

Looped around each one were long lengths of some kind of tether. This was their first cause for concern since waking up. The second was when they realized they couldn’t free loosen the loops around them to escape.

Suddenly, a shadow was cast over them and obstructed the light that brought them hope. Following the appearance of the shadow came a deep, reverberating sound and a large object floated in above the occupants of the cold chamber. It was then that Felix and his group remembered how they first arrived.

A voice rang angrily through the house “Damnit Jonathan! How many times have I told you not to put bugs in the freezer?!”

“Mom don’t! I need those for my experiment!” The adolescent Jonathan yelled back, hurrying to the kitchen to save the fly, hornet, and spider he had worked so carefully to catch.

An ice cream ramble that doesn’t end with ice cream

I was thinking I’d post this on Twitter but quickly realized how long it would get to cover everything, so instead I’m going to rant here.

Anyways, I’m supposed to be eating better (and generally speaking I have) but a couple nights ago around midnight I was craving ice cream. I hadn’t had any in quite a while so I figured why not treat myself. So my roommate and I go off to Walmart and pick up some for ourselves and our other roommate. All was good.

Last night was not good, though, for when I went to go have the rest of my ice cream and couldn’t eat it because the freezer was thawing. My ice cream was very nearly melted and my consumption of a delicious cold treat put on hold while it freezes again in the deep freeze.

After discovering that the freezer and fridge weren’t keeping temp I immediately went into Fix It Mode and started pulling things apart and cleaning the radiator fin things. In the process of doing so I accidentally broke one of the fan blades under the fridge. Now we have an angry fridge but I at least got the compressor to kick back on and temps started coming down again. Sorry roommate, I nearly broke your fridge, but then again I didn’t and probably saved you money. End rambling.