Dreaming in a different universe

I had won some sort of trip to hang out with Annemunition and Lil_Lexi for my birthday. We were supposed to go see the premiere of the final Avengers movie, Avengers: War Path. In the back of my mind I knew it existed in place of Avengers: End Game, but wasn’t sure how I knew that. Along the way, we had taken a break at a truck stop (which becomes important later) and shortly after we made it to the theatre.

The movie was interesting. Thanos had succeeded in The Snap, but the results seen in this movie were different. Of The Avengers, only Tony Stark and one other hero I don’t recall had survived. This had caused Tony to go on a rampage throughout the universe, looking for a way to fix everything but it turned into a revenge tour at some point. He had changed himself so drastically. The nano machine swarm he used for his suit had grown. His mind had melded to the swarm in such a weird way that he had become like Dormamu from the Doctor Strange movie, a massive, green glowing cloud of nanotech. Cut to a scene where a bunch of parallel universe/alternate reality versions of the Avengers were gathered and being prepped to embark on a mission to go and stop the nano cloud of Tony. After they leave, we’re left in the briefing room with some aliens that were pretending to be human, and we learn what’s really going on. The aliens of this parallel universe are more like janitors. They have a massive multiversal operation that contains parallel universe anomalies and they set them right by sending people from one universe to another to replace individuals who die or go missing. The mechanics aren’t fully explained, but these replacements both are and are NOT clones? Anyways, these new Avengers get sent off, we have the revelation of these aliens, and then the camera pans out through a window into space while still looking at this weird space station. And it keeps getting bigger. The space station is made of tons of connecting rings and shapes that collectively make the operation bigger than a galaxy.

At this point in the dream movie, one of the audience members makes a huge fucking commotion and disrupts the movie. We try to calm him down, but he won’t be stopped, so we leave and try to get refunds. It’s at this point that I lose Anne and Lexi and somehow make it back to that truck stop from the beginning of the dream. I’m trying to call/message them so they can pick me up but for some reason I don’t have a proper signal or something.

Eventually, I think I get through to them, and I’m just sitting there waiting. I end up hanging out with some group that’s playing with RC planes or something? (Looking back I remember watching a video on youtube of an RC plane with a turbine motor)

It turns out, this is where I was supposed to be, as the dream somehow shifts into a weird birthday party scene and I’m being greeted by a large group of people, some I recognize and some I don’t. For some reason, it starts to click that I was actually from a parallel universe  and was sent to replace another version of me, and that’s what the movie was trying to prepare me for. It felt really fucking weird.