Mario versus Reploids

Pulling aside the curtain in my room I saw the sun was shining onto my bed at the perfect angle. So I took a mid-day sun nap!

The dreams I had were definitely strange but this is the one that stands out the most and stuck with me. Everyone should be familiar with Mario, so no introductions needed there, but I have a feeling you’re reading this and wondering what the heck a Reploid is (or you’re googling it.) Reploids come from the Mega Man universe of games and they’re sentient androids. Free will and morals and such, which means its possible for evil Reploids. There’s a lot of backstory to them so I’ll spare that and let you do the research if you’re curious.

Anyway, on to the dream! I give you Mario versus Reploids.

Mario and his brother (not quite sure it was Luigi) were on a quest for revenge against these robots that looked like they came from the Mega Man Zero/ZX portion of the Mega Man franchise so I assumed they’re Reploids. To fight them, Mario and his brother created their own version of Bowser’s clown car but it looked like a mushroom crossed with Mario’s head. Mario decided to pick a fight with one of the lead Reploids and its assistant and pretended to get his ass kicked. As a result of this ass kicking Mario got sent off the edge of this castle and into the water where he swam around to the far edge to get a view of the enemy. The Reploid, assuming Mario was defeated and likely drowning, sends a Cyber Elf (that looked like a pink version of the butterfly from the Persona franchise) with a piece of its energy to collect Mario’s life essence but Mario crushed it when it reached him. The Reploid assumed that it just went out of range and expired.

As the Reploid was thinking this, it stepped on a switch hidden in the muddy water of the castle courtyard. Mario and his brother had earlier placed a bunch out there to trigger a massive onslaught of bombs that would start flying out of nowhere. The first switch gets stepped on and lights up, causing a moment of confusion for the lead Reploid. As the bombs came flying in the Reploid took a few panicky foot steps, triggering more switches and therefore more bombs.The bombs came flying in like a hail storm and obliterated that part of the castle. Eventually the assistant, whose ‘skin’ disintegrates and we see the robot skeleton inside, collapsed in defeat. The Reploid leader tried to escape when suddenly these shooting stars come flying in from above. (If you’re familiar with the Paper Mario franchise it looked like the shooting stars attack from one of those games.)

As the Reploid leader kept taking hits from the stars it tried to queue a final attack when Mario (in his Mario themed clown car) comes flying into view holding a small version of Saturn that he uses in place of the stars and just destroyed the arm of the robot before continuing his barrage of star shots. The Reploid eventually succumbed to the damage and Mario won. Landing the clown car, Mario stepped out and stroked his long beard for a moment before his brother arrives and they go back to their sky lair to view the city/state and track down the next Reploid leader.

Thanks for reading! I need to lay off the sugar before sleep.

Robot Clones and an Existential Crisis

First, a preface.

I have a tendency to remember my dreams after I wake up, but I almost never write down the details. So, what I’m hoping I can do is start writing down as much of my dreams as I can recall the day they happen. Start keeping a sort of Dream Journal here. So, here goes.

I was on vacation. Nowhere in particular that I can recall. The only important things I can remember of the setting are that I’m staying at some sort of resort near a beach.

As more of the state of the dream comes into focus I notice that I’m on vacation with a couple of friends, but that these friends are nondescript. They aren’t anyone I recognize from real life, but the general vibe they give off is that we are good friends and this situation is totally normal.

My friends and I go down to the beach to wander and kill some time. After a short walk we encounter a group of people that appear to be of the same age range. We start talking to them and getting to know each other, and as the conversations carry on the now larger group decides that it’s getting late into the sunset hours and we carry on chatting as we walk back to the resort.

Throughout all the talking, I’ve been primarily listening to see how well our two groups are getting along and make sure that things stay amicable. However, I’m learning a couple of things here and there, noticing the things that these particular friends are saying and that I don’t really appreciate the statements they’re putting out. These friends who started out as nondescript gain more detail, and I recognize them as friends I had in the past that I no longer considered friends. I end up excusing myself from the two groups that have become one, and I return to my room alone. That’s when the dream turns sideways.

The evening has come, and I’m hungry, so I decide to head out alone for dinner. The only thing is, there’s now SNOW on the ground. I’m not sure how, but I’m not at the resort anymore. It being a dream, and dreams lacking coherency, I’m not concerned by this change.

The evening progresses. I’ve eaten dinner and I’m wandering home. Home? Weird dream, guess I’m not on vacation anymore, but whatever. On my trek home I stumble across a body in the snow. It’s one of the friends I left behind earlier in the day, but somethings not quite right about this situation. I find a metal bar nearby and use it to help me investigate, rather than do the smart thing and call for help and report a fucking BODY.

My investigation of the dead body of my past friend yields some interesting results. Somehow I am able to discern there isn’t any blood in the body, and the skin now has some level of translucency to it that allows me to see what appears to be mechanical and artificial components. Apparently, the body is a robotic replica of the friend, or so it would lead me to believe.

I give up further investigation and turn to leave with my metal bar in hand. As I’m leaving I run into a woman who appears familiar, but I can’t place where I’ve met her before. When she steps into the light of a nearby streetlamp I notice a similar level of translucency in her skin as to what I had found in the body of my friend. It dawns on me that this person is involved in what is going on here and I begin to grow uneasy as she approaches. The closer she gets, the tighter my grip on the bar gets.

This robotic woman stops out of reach and gives a quick explanation of what I’m seeing. There is some sort of revolution going on, with people being presented with the opportunity to be replaced by synthetic clones of themselves. The whole scenario is deeply unsettling, but I’m too confused to notice the rest of my emotions. There are two options. Join, or die. I stammer that I need time to think it through, to which she agrees, but now that I am aware of the truth I cannot be allowed too much time. She tries to reassure me that the process is harmless and goes into a little more detail. They extract the majority of blood from the body to use as a sort of conduit for transferring the consciousness of the original body to the new synthetic one. None of this makes sense, its all too sudden, but it’s made worse with her final statement. A reminder, that should I choose to not join, I will die.

I stumble away in shock and find my way home. Pacing in my room and taking peeks out my window into the darkness. I notice movement and realize that the synthetic woman is out there. Ice cold despair wraps itself around my chest. I turn off the lights and hide behind the curtains to try and see more into the darkness. More people are ever so slowly approaching. The grip on my heart tightens, as I have not made a decision. Do I choose my own death, or do I choose what could be immortality all the while still uncertain if I would still be “me” in the new body. The dream ends there…


Most of my dreams are bizarre, so I never read too deeply into them, but some of them (like this one) still leave me saying “What the fuck?”

Hopefully you enjoyed it, even if it didn’t make sense.