Mario versus Reploids

Pulling aside the curtain in my room I saw the sun was shining onto my bed at the perfect angle. So I took a mid-day sun nap!

The dreams I had were definitely strange but this is the one that stands out the most and stuck with me. Everyone should be familiar with Mario, so no introductions needed there, but I have a feeling you’re reading this and wondering what the heck a Reploid is (or you’re googling it.) Reploids come from the Mega Man universe of games and they’re sentient androids. Free will and morals and such, which means its possible for evil Reploids. There’s a lot of backstory to them so I’ll spare that and let you do the research if you’re curious.

Anyway, on to the dream! I give you Mario versus Reploids.

Mario and his brother (not quite sure it was Luigi) were on a quest for revenge against these robots that looked like they came from the Mega Man Zero/ZX portion of the Mega Man franchise so I assumed they’re Reploids. To fight them, Mario and his brother created their own version of Bowser’s clown car but it looked like a mushroom crossed with Mario’s head. Mario decided to pick a fight with one of the lead Reploids and its assistant and pretended to get his ass kicked. As a result of this ass kicking Mario got sent off the edge of this castle and into the water where he swam around to the far edge to get a view of the enemy. The Reploid, assuming Mario was defeated and likely drowning, sends a Cyber Elf (that looked like a pink version of the butterfly from the Persona franchise) with a piece of its energy to collect Mario’s life essence but Mario crushed it when it reached him. The Reploid assumed that it just went out of range and expired.

As the Reploid was thinking this, it stepped on a switch hidden in the muddy water of the castle courtyard. Mario and his brother had earlier placed a bunch out there to trigger a massive onslaught of bombs that would start flying out of nowhere. The first switch gets stepped on and lights up, causing a moment of confusion for the lead Reploid. As the bombs came flying in the Reploid took a few panicky foot steps, triggering more switches and therefore more bombs.The bombs came flying in like a hail storm and obliterated that part of the castle. Eventually the assistant, whose ‘skin’ disintegrates and we see the robot skeleton inside, collapsed in defeat. The Reploid leader tried to escape when suddenly these shooting stars come flying in from above. (If you’re familiar with the Paper Mario franchise it looked like the shooting stars attack from one of those games.)

As the Reploid leader kept taking hits from the stars it tried to queue a final attack when Mario (in his Mario themed clown car) comes flying into view holding a small version of Saturn that he uses in place of the stars and just destroyed the arm of the robot before continuing his barrage of star shots. The Reploid eventually succumbed to the damage and Mario won. Landing the clown car, Mario stepped out and stroked his long beard for a moment before his brother arrives and they go back to their sky lair to view the city/state and track down the next Reploid leader.

Thanks for reading! I need to lay off the sugar before sleep.

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