Where To Begin

When you first create a WordPress blog there is an entry already created. It is titled “The Journey Begins” and I thought that might be a good prompt to follow for my first official blog post here on The Dragon’s Grove. But, the real question I asked myself is “Where DO I begin?”

The way I see it, where I begin (with this post) needs to be about what the heck even motivated me to start this blog at all.

Let’s start with a question. “Why a WordPress blog?” Well, it’s simple. One of my favorite Sci-fi authors, John Scalzi, uses WordPress for his blog (which I read occasionally) and he made an entry touting the quality of the site and its premium services. His influence led me to choose WordPress.

To the next part of why I am blogging at all is because I felt I needed a place to actually house and share some of my writing. A place that could connect to other aspects of my life such as Twitch, Twitter, and Discord.

So what will I be doing with this blog? Hopefully a lot of things! It’s going to be a training ground for me. A place to document my journey, and the lessons I learn along the way.

Things I hope to include here:

  • Interviews
  • Game and book reviews
  • Life lessons and anecdotes
  • Behind the scenes of my live streaming
  • Short stories
  • Writing prompts
  • Chapter previews for novels I hope to write

If any of this sounds interesting to you then I hope you’ll follow along with me to see where this all takes me.