Novel writing takes patience

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do was write a novel. The idea started with writing exercises and classes way back in elementary school. We were asked to write short stories every so often, and coupling that with my love for reading it just made sense.

Sadly, I haven’t really gotten there yet. For the longest time I’d always been looking at that dream and reading how to get there but never making the leap. Probably because of odd sources of discouragement, like advice threads online that try to convince you how futile it is to try because you need an IN somewhere.

Times have changed. You can now self-publish, if you so choose, through Amazon and Barnes & Noble (and possibly others I’m not familiar with). Or, if you still want to chase the traditional route, you can submit a manuscript to the major publishing houses and have your work tossed on the slush pile with every other hopeful author.

While I haven’t written a novel, yet, I’ve been slowly building up the ideas and paying attention to the recommendations of successful authors on how to get your work out there. All I have to do now is start the writing process. Maybe I’ll get something self-published in 2019? Who knows, but we’ll find out!