Changing hobbies and habits

The last few years have seen me spend more time and money than I’d like to admit on certain hobbies and habits.

On the hobby side, I spent a lot of time and money on Magic: The Gathering. My favorite format being Commander/EDH made it more to try and purchase older cards that would end up sometimes being fairly expensive. I also used to play with a fairly large local group who shared the same enthusiasm for the game, but times have changed. While I still greatly enjoy the game, I don’t play it near often enough and as such don’t purchase cards hardly at all.

I’ve since replaced that hobby with streaming. Mostly because for me it’s just an extension of my existing hobby of playing video games. Oddly enough, I’ve probably invested just as much time and money into streaming that I did for Magic. So really, I could just go either way on a whim and not be too upset. However, I don’t want to feel like I’ve wasted all the time and effort I’ve put into streaming.

Let’s jump over to habits. It should be apparent based on the above hobbies that I wasn’t always the best with money. That really needs to change. I’ve done the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle before, and it isn’t fun. Now, although I don’t really live like that anymore, I do need to focus on saving money. I also need to focus on my health, and the two kind of go hand in hand.

If I spend more wisely on things, then I should be spending time on eating healthier and working out. I need to get back to the gym instead of letting my membership go to waste.

But to do the above I need to work on my habits. Need to find ways to be accountable to myself more than anything, and that’s a struggle I’ve always dealt with.

So here’s to hobbies that won’t hold me back, and building habits that will help me improve. Cheers!