“Incentivizing Encouragement”, or “How do I get people to watch me write AND encourage me to write in the first place.”

The previous entry I talked about blending my hobbies together. The core purpose was to create accountability towards completing writing and actually streaming. If I blended them correctly they would feed off of each other and help me keep motivated to continue pursuing my goals.

Today I’m talking about how I implemented some new Channel Points Rewards on my Twitch Stream (found here) and how viewers can participate in getting me to write for THEM. This will also help me be a better content creator as I learn different writing techniques and tools on top of streaming.

The Channel Points Rewards in question that I have implemented so far relate to giving me writing prompts and requesting a couple of different writing challenges for me to fulfill. (See the pictures below.)

According to the Twitch FAQ on Channel Points Rewards, the average viewer gains up to 220 points per hour. Subs get up to double (if they’re a Tier 3 sub, at least.) Some of the rewards are limited on per stream redemption’s and increased costs to help keep them from overwhelming me and make it possible for faster turn around on fulfillment.

On the topic of fulfilling these rewards, anything and everything that gets redeemed will be tracked on a Google Sheet I have set up. Link here for you to look things over if you’re curious what others have redeemed so far, as well as links to completed/fulfilled entries. Ideally I will be posting all of the fulfilled requests here on The Dragon’s Grove so that it helps generate views and traffic for the blog as well as (and in extension to) the stream.

The combination of these two concepts, writing and streaming, ultimately encourages me to stream AND write but also encourages people to stay and view/support my stream so that it can kind of create a sort of feedback loop of motivation. If people watch, I’m incentivized to stream and if they redeem points for writing…well you get the idea.

In the end, I’m hoping this will be a beneficial experiment so that I can try to keep moving forward with my goals.