This post is a 50-word writing challenge that was requested of me from my stream as a Channel Point Reward redemption, courtesy of Twitch user darthzelduh.

Pride and shame live together in the mind of Dragon.

He could mimic an uwu from a game. So much so that the community demanded an emote be made.

Their desire was so strong it was earned and created in a matter of minutes. This is the origins of arboriUwU.

A haiku because I felt like it

It doesn’t happen too often, the feeling comes and goes, but some days are harder than others. And that’s okay. Everyday can’t be perfect. Sometimes, though, when I do feel like I’m falling to pieces it’s just tiny pieces a few at a time. Not enough to make me stop or leave me feeling completely broken or lost, but just long enough to take a breath, pick those pieces up again, and keep going.

I keep moving forward. One day, one step, one piece at a time.

I leave you with a haiku, because for some reason I felt like writing one.

“A daily routine,

Casually picking up

The bits and pieces.”