Acknowledging my laziness

I’ve been terrible about using this blog. That’s about the gist of it!

I started off alright. I had some ideas to run with and got some things posted. Not a super strong start or very consistent but I had things posted. Then I just kind of vanished from this side, focusing on Twitter and Twitch.

I had to sit down and do some introspection of why, and I finally got to do that while on vacation.

Part of why I wasn’t getting content onto the blog is because I had somehow subconsciously convinced myself that I needed to only use this space for long form ideas. I don’t HAVE to, of course, as I’ve seen others blogs that have posts of varying lengths and depths to their content.

So, what this led to was me dreading trying to create long form content on here at all, and instead going to do something else I felt was more worthwhile.

I guess it’s time to re-evaluate my approach! (Again)