A brief update of the last couple months

I’ve been fairly quiet on social media for the last month or so, and felt like posting an update.

I started typing this out on Twitter but quickly realized I was going to need more than 240 characters and also didn’t want to just post a string of tweets, so here we are!

The last couple of months have been an interesting journey. I’ve traveled to familiar places and spent time with old friends. I’ve traveled to new places and finally met friends I’ve only ever known online. I’ve started down a path for bettering my health and alreadt seen some improvements. I had time to reflect on who I was, where I’ve come from, and where I think I want to go.

During that bit of self-reflection, I decided on a couple things. First of all, goals for 2020 and beyond. I bought and hung up a small whiteboard with some goals written on it, as well as things I need to avoid going forward so that I can focus on the more important things.

In addition to that, I’m putting forth an effort to learn more and expand my knowledge. A while back I learned about a service called Masterclass and was recently reminded that it exists. So I looked into it, found some subjects I liked, and took the plunge. We’ll see where it takes me.

Now that it’s December of 2019, I’ll put together a different entry to cover more specific topics such as a proper reflection of my year and what I’m actually aiming to accomplish in the year to come.

Stay tuned!