Goals for 2020 and beyond

Excuse the shitty hand writing you’re about to see.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned on my Twitch stream that I had picked up a small whiteboard to hang in my room, and that I was using it to list out some of my top goals. I only showed it briefly there, so I thought I should share it here for everyone to see clearly.

I picked the top 5 things I felt were going to be important to me for the immediate future and beyond, and I put them on the left.

Each goal has some supporting words and statements to help keep me thinking about the pieces that will make up the whole.

On the right side I came up with a list of things I recognized were time and/or resource suckers that I should be avoiding at all costs because they detract from my potential to complete any of my goals.

I then finished with a couple of two statements that I hope will remind and empower me to complete these goals.

Be Disciplined. Be Focused.

Wish me luck!

A text list of the goals for anyone that wants it.

Top 5

Publish a novel

Build my blog

Read more!

Stream consistently

Get healthy!

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