Cookies for Breakfast

This isn’t a cooking blog, so don’t expect some awesome recipr formatting or anything. I’m just taking a moment to talk about a flavor combination I made.

Okay so it may not be the healthiest thing you can eat for breakfast but it’s better than crack, and so are these cookies I made for a work potluck today.

Coincidentally it is also National Maple Syrup Day, and these cookies taste like a waffle that has been slathered in butter and maple syrup.

The secret? Maple flavored buttercream frosting on a pudding sugar cookie.

The recipes aren’t secret because you can find versions of them all over the internet. So I’ll keep it simple here.

For the cookie:

Take your favorite cookie recipe. Doesn’t matter what kind from what I can tell. Add a box of instant pudding mix to the dry ingredients and an extra egg to the wet ingredients. Need to keep the dry and wet ingredients in balance.

For the frosting:

Find a simple buttercream frosting recipe you like and add Maple flavoring extract. About 1 1/2 teaspoons per 1/2 cup of butter. Maybe more.

And that’s it. Apart they aren’t anything special, but when eaten together is when the magic happens.