Addendum to 2020 goals expanded

Not long after I posted that entry this morning, I realized I missed something. I mentioned that to help accomplish my writing goals I needed to read. What I neglected to mention were the things I could do to accomplish that particular reading goal OUTSIDE of the scheduled self-education reading time slots. That’s probably because I finished writing the post late last night (actually sometime around 12:30 this morning) and I may have been rather drained by the end.

So here’s an addendum! To help me accomplish my reading goal (and thus support my writing related goals) I decided I needed to get back to reading books regularly. I’ll also be trying to read more non-fiction, such as news, reviews, and other blogs that I come across that catch my eye. I haven’t decided on the actual number of things I’ll read, but just knowing I need to read and have the opportunity to do so at any time (and not totally structured is in itself a relief.)

Good thing I have a backlog of books to read to get me started. Here’s to reading more in 2020!