A dream about an ostrich

Finally slept through the night for a change and had a bunch of strange dreams but only one stands out now that I’m awake. It involved an ostrich.

Not just any ordinary ostrich, though. This one was some sort or chimera hybrid ostrich that was mixed with an alpaca or llama. You could see the blend of the animals in the head/face and it was honestly not that disturbing (at least not in my head, anyways.) To make it more strange, this creature was wearing a tshirt for a fictional band named Ammando Commando which was stylized in a two word stack so that both words used the same MM’s.

Then, my brain decided to take things to an even more bizarre level and somehow my dad was there with me and he was also wearing a shirt for Ammando Commando. So, of course, he gets excited because this fucking alpac-ostrich was a fan of a band he liked! What does he do next? He wants a damn picture with it….then all hell broke loose and it like tackled/charged him knocking him into me. I had to catch him and make sure he got away from the things ass end because I saw it start raising a foot like it was getting ready to back kick into us.

And that’s where the dream ended! Wonder what I did to have THAT dream in the mix? Oh well, I think Ammando Commando is my new alt-rock band name.